"Another Consciousness," the official Dali fanlisting. Join and show off your love for Dali, Ren, Keeto, Saki, Yuu, or Shunna. (ダリのファンリスティング).

Welcome to Another Consciousness, the official (as deemed by TFL) fansite for Dali. In brief, Dali is a unique rock band who is currently signed with UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. The group is comprised of five members--Ren, Keeto, Saki, Yuu, and Shunna--and their music is a unique blend of aggressive rock, plunging grooves, catchy melodies, and inventive arrangement. Known for their constant evolution, Dali makes sure to throw something completely new into every release. This site fanlisting serves to honor the band (a fansite for the band can be found here) and give fellow fans a way to display their pride.

Last Updated: May 1st, 2019
Member Count: Seventy Four
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01. Yama, USA: Saki and Shunna, jam and ant gallery, Email, Web.
02. Evenor, USA: Ren and Yuu, H.N[maigo], Email, Web.
03. shuurei., USA: Keeto and Saki, jam and sunny, Email, Web.
04. Masik, Germany: Email, Web.
05. Noiz, Russia: Email.
06. Dali (OHP), Japan: Email, Web.
07. Yukari, France: Keeto, jam, Email, Web.
08. Kira, USA: Keeto, sunny, Email, Web.
09. Mutsuki, China: Keeto and Shunna, wingless wing and 4'32", Email, Web.
10. Souryoku, Netherlands: Ren, jam, Email.
11. Kokuro, USA: Shunna and Yuu, jam and Placebo, Email, Web.
12. Lolli, USA: Shunna, Email, Web 1, Web 2.
13. Motris, Germany: Ren, Email.
14. Kitox, Chile: Ren and Shunna, ant gallery and rubber, Email, Web.
15. Hibari, Germany: Email.
16. Ruiza, Germany: sunny, Email.
17. Daniel, USA: Shunna, ITAMI WAKE and CLOUD, Email, Web.
18. Negativism, Singapore: Ren, ant gallery and sunny, Email.
19. Suke, France: Keeto and Ren, jam and Love is dead, Email, Web.
20. Reita, USA: Saki, jam, Email, Web.
21. Dai, USA: Ren, jam and negative dislike chainsaw, Email, Web.
22. Adrienne, Canada: Ren, jam and negative dislike chainsaw, Email, Web.
23. Jophi, Germany: sunny, Email, Web.
24. Dali (Myspace), Japan: Email, Web.
25. Dali (Barks), Japan: Email, Web.
26. Dali (Audioleaf), Japan: Email, Web.
27. Miki, Italy: Ren and Shunna, day by day.rehearsal of Smile., Email, Web.
28. Asenath, Chile: Ren, ant gallery and Love is dead, Email, Web.
29. Smixx, Finland: Ren, sunny and CLOUD, Email.
30. Razori, Malaysia: Ren, jam, Email, Web.
31. Kuro, Chile: Ren, Email, Web.
32. Stephanie, Germany: Ren, ant gallery and jam, Email.
33. DeaAeteriUmbrae, Netherlands: jam, lay figure, and sunny, Email, Web.
34. Xodus, USA: Ren, downer, ITAMI WAKE, sunny, Email, Web.
35. Jana, Germany: Ren, H.N[maigo], Email.
36. Dalila, Italy: Ren, Email.
37. Sara, USA: Ren, downer, Email.
38. Ryou, Hong Kong: Ren, Email.
39. Destinée, Argentina: Ren, downer, Email.
40. Hizumi, Germany: Cynical showcase, Email, Web.
41. Haru, USA: Ren, 4'32", [s]hit parade, rubber, Email.
42. Alice, Brazil: Ren, Love is dead, Email.
43. Ernie, USA: Ren, jam, Email, Web.
44. Keza, Finland: Ren, sunny, Email.
45. Mitsu, USA: Yuu, downer, Email, Web.
46. Vero, USA: Email, Web.
47. Kaede, Spain: Keeto and Ren, Inshouha PORNO, Email, Web.
48. Shuya, France: Ren, ツ「tツ」rush, Email, Web.
49. Hisaki Ayame, Mexico: Ren, lay figure and wingless wing, Email, Web.
50. Kyuun, Brazil: Keeto and Ren, ant gallery and sunny, Email.
51. Judzy, Germany: Keeto, ant gallery, Email, Web.
52. Daisuke, Chile: Ren, Placebo, [s]hit parade, Email.
53. Ori Nyan, China: Ren, Email, Web.
54. Nojman, Russia: Keeto, Heroine, Email, Web.
55. Chuck, USA: Saki, Shunna, Heroine, ITAMI WAKE, Email.
56. Anthony Sinaga, Indonesia: Shunna, ITAMI WAKE, Email, Web.
57. Sarura, Finland: Email.
58. Zai, USA: Shunna, sunny, Email, Web.
59. Ketsuki, Finland: Ren, jam, wingless wing, Email.
60. Dat Kaoru, Germany: ITAMI WAKE, sunny, Email, Web.
61. TenshiA, Poland: Ren, ITAMI WAKE, thursday, Email, Web.
62. Ahee, South Korea: H.N[maigo], Email.
63. Narumi, Slovak Republic: Ren, Email.
64. Xodus, USA: Ren, ITAMI WAKE, downer, Email.
65. Heaben, Finland: Email.
66. Kira, Spain: Ren, H.N[maigo], Email, Web.
67. Blade, Lebanon: thursday, Email, Web.
68. Yu, Taiwan: Ren, ITAMI WAKE, Email, Web.
69. Mie Rinu, Philippines: Ren, a habit, ANEMONE, Email, Web.
70. Anye, Bolivia: Email, Web.
71. Aki, USA: KEETO, wingless wing, Inkblot, lay figure, Email.
72. Ito, Russia: YUU, YORU NO HATE, -, Email, Web.
73. Tara, Finland: KEETO and Ren, ITAMI WAKE, downer, Email, Web.
74. Katerina, Ukraine: Email.

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