HISKAREA was a band on the super popular V系 <Visual Kei> label, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. The band was formed in 2003 with three members: 研二 <Kenji> on vox, 之 <Kore> on guitar, and 紫緒 <Shio> on bass. The band signed on with UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, released their first demo CD, and then recruited drummer 纏 <Matoi>. The band created a slew of omnibus songs, and released their first minialbum. It's thrashing metal sound, combined with industrial static undertones made it very popular with their fans. Unfortunately, in late 2004, they disbanded after the release of their second minialbum.

Lost・・・ (2003/06/07)
01. 「・・・ 02. Lost・・・」

「High Style ParadoxⅠ」 (2003/09/30)
05. 1/3の失情 <1/3 no Shisujou>

Clear or Erode (2003/10/01)
01. Clear 02. Erode 03. 体温 <Taion> 04. Child sick 05. プロトタイプ <PROTOTYPE>

「High Style ParadoxⅡ」 (2004/02/25)
07. Child sick (PV) 08. 1/3の失情 <1/3 no Shitsujou> (Live Clip)

High Style Paradox Ⅲ (2004/04/28)
06. 体温 <Taion> 07. 1/3の失情 <1/3 no Shitsujou>

Decadence 2004 (2004/06/30)
09. Cat a like F-risky

青田刈 <Aotakai> (2004/08/18)
10. 刻の砂 <Toki no Suna> 16. 体温(耐音Ver.) <Taion(Tanon Ver.)>

邪・ホスピタル <Ja・HOSPITAL> (2004/08/25)
02. カラミティメーカーショー <CALAMITY MECHA SHOW>

CROSS GATE 2004 (2004/09/00)
(Disc 1)06. LOST・・・ (Disc 2)03. 体温 <Taion> (Live Clip)

HISKAREA (2004/10/20)
01. AHB69BHA 02. 体温 <Taion> 03. LOST・・・ 04. 1/3の失情 <1/3 no Shitsujou> 05. Cat a like F-risky 06. 三月の夜想曲 <Sangatsu no Yasoukyouku>

JRC CureII ~UCP ACM~ (2005/12/20)
10. プロトタイプ <PROTOTYPE>