Requirements I don't ask for much! First, you have to be semi-talented at webdesign or have amazing content. Second, you need to keep in touch with me. Lastly, ビジュアル系 (visual kei) related sites are what I tend to host, but they are not the only kinds of sites I will consider. In any case, talk to me; I can make excpetions to any of these rules.

Wanted I'm especially interested in hosting high quality fansites and absolutely anything related to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION.

Benefits Really, the same as anyone else. I'm always willing to help, I'm friendly, and I don't really have any restrictions on space or bandwidth (as long as you're reasonable). If you need something special, I'll be more than happy to look into it for you.

Current Current hostees (and former hostees) are listed on the sites page along with my own sites! Check there to see some examples of the sites I'll host.

Apply Sorry, there's no form to fill out. If you're interested in being hosted, just email me at yamachi(at)gmail.com with some example of your work and what kind of site you want me to host. I'll get back to you within a day usually. Occult-Proposal.Net ・ All content © John 2006-2008