2009 ・ Dec. 15th Cleaned up the sites page and moved a chunk of inactive hostees to the inactive section. Also, my new site, the Synside community at LiveJournal, has been added to the sites page.

2009 ・ Aug. 8th Finally listed my new hostee: the phrase that plays, the official The Academy Is... fanlisting.

2008 ・ Oct. 16th The seventh version of the site is now up. This means a new layout, updated content, and a cleaned-up exits page. Enjoy!

2008 ・ Jun. 3rd New site: goodnightlight, the official deadman fanlisting.

2007 ・ Nov. 17th A few minor updates were made around the domain today. The sites page was corrected and updated, and one hostee was removed. Also, a new affiliate (Inhyoung) was added, while several inactive ones were removed.

2007 ・ Jun. 11th It's been quite a while since I've recorded an update, but tons of things have been going on here at the domain. Today I added a new affiliate (Lithium Tears) and updated the sites section (with a new site and a new hostee).

2006 ・ Dec. 31st Apparently some peole have been linking me! Who knew? Well anyways, I added those wonderful people to the exit page. Go pay them a visit! Also, sorry to anyone using Opera on a Mac. Forgive me.

2006 ・ Dec. 30th After 18 years of Kagrra, layouts, I finally broke the mold by using a band I listen to. Yep, that's right; a new layout for O-P! Rejoice. All of the content has been revamped as well.

2006 ・ Dec. 28th One new hostee! This time it's a fansite for ミサ (Misa), the guitarist of BABYLON. It's very comprehensive, and worth checking out.

2006 ・ Dec. 27th Finally! There's one new member over at my HISKAREA fanlisting. That means it's up to three members! I'm pretending that's an accomplishment! Occult-Proposal.Net ・ All content © John 2006-2008