Formed: 2002.11.02
Disbanded: 2004.xx.xx

Garnet was one of Yayoi final bands with similar sound to his earlier bands. The main difference is that Garnet had much more punk influences which can easily be heard in songs like Criminal Dreamer. Despite actually being alive for 2 years, the band did not release more then one single and contributed to some V.A:s, most likely because of the unsteady line-up Garnet had.

Vocal: 響 (Hibiki)
Guitar: 祈 (Ino)
Guitar: 恭弥 (Kyouya)
Bass: 冬香 (Touka)
Drums: 准那 (Junna)

Guitar: 刹那 (Setsuna)
Guitar: さくら (Sakura)
Bass: アカネ (Akane)
Drums: 千晴 (Chiharu)