Deadly Sanctuary

Formed: 2001.xx.xx
Broke up: 2005.xx.xx

Deadly Sanctuary was unlike all other project Yayoi was involved in, actually not his project. This band was mainly Yuuga's idea (which you clearly can hear on their sound, because they are very similar to DEViL KiTTY). Their bandname is put together by Yuuga and Yayoi's personal thoughts of: inner violence, madness and pleasure.
They released a PV for their song "禁じられた遊び" (Kinjireta Asobi). Their second PV is extremely rare, and was given away to everyone who bought their CD as a present. It came in a CD and contained the PV for "Suck my dick!!".

Vocal: 響 (Hibiki)
Guitar: 優雅 (Yuuga)

Support members:

Guest vocal: 槭 (Misery)
Guitar: Yura (Kilah)
Guitar: Zill (Earl Grey)
Bass: Kisaki (Matina)
Bass: taka (death+qpid)
Bass: 紫乃 (La'miss fairy)
Drums: 絢汰 (Kar'maria)
Drums: 夏澄 (La'miss fairy)
Drums: MEGURU (ガラス (Garasu))