Formed: 2005.02.xx
Disbanded: 2005.11.xx

jewelry was formed by Yayoi and 凛。 (Rin.) in early 2005. Unlike all of Yayoi's band, this band can be considered to be a oshare kei band. Unfortunately, like most of Yayoi's band this one did also live for just about a year. Nonetheless it was a great band, and I am sure it was a good experience for Yayoi since it was his first oshare kei band. They even recorded a PV for their song "GET HAPPY!!". jewelry enjoyed a fair amount of fame, they had several one-man shows and coupling tours with other bands of CLIMAX ENTERPRISE.

Vocal: 弥生 (Yayoi)
Guitar: 諒 (Ryou)
Guitar: marya
Bass: ひかる (Hikaru)
Drums: 凛。 (Rin.)