Note: My japanese is insanely poor, therefore the majority of these lyrics was not translated and transcribed by me, but by friends who decided they wanted to help me out in this project, special thanks goes out to; Miyu, wataru1120 & kurukii. I hope soon enough more lyrics will be here, if I would be able to do it myself I would for sure, but for now please wait.

ANGEL+DUST Lady With Tears Japanese
追憶 Japanese
Vice†risk Dears Japanese/English
ESCAPE English
Garnet クリミナルドリーマー~Criminal Dreamer~ Japanese
ストロベリーフィールズ~Strawberry Fields~ Japanese
ミッシェル~Michelle~ Japanese
Answer for ... dear「A」 Japanese/English
Deadly Sanctuary inseparable relation Japanese/English
Suck my dick!! Japanese/English
ナイトエンジェル (Night Angel) Japanese
Deadly Circus Japanese/English
SAD SONG... Japanese/English
Happiness Japanese/English
ホームシックチャイルド (Homesick Child) Japanese
jewelry Lovely I miss you Japanese