You will find all types of news regarding the website, Yayoi and his bands here.

x Update 2011.07.13
I updated the site once again, with ANGEL+DUST scans, 2 lyrics for Vice risk and various things. Make sure to check it out :)

x Update 2011.06.13
Several updates on the site have taken place, for instance I finally got done with the jewelry page, and some galleries are now working, however not all. I also found out all support members for Deadly Sanctuary, go check it out!

x Update 2011.06.02
I updated the site with more lyrics, and translation for several Deadly Sanctuary & Garnet lyrics. I still have more pictures from Yayoi's wedding which need to be put up later on. I am still working with bio's for jewelry members! Gallery for both ANGEL+DUST and Vice risk is currently online as well.

x Update2011.06.01
I updated the site with some lyrics, still need translation for some and ofcourse not all lyrics have been put on the website yet. I also added a page for Yayoi's wedding.

x Update2011.05.21
inseparable relation, up and running. Still need minor fixes (on LAZY DAZY, Romance Red & jewelry mostly) even more so on romanization though, please feel free to contribute to me @ e-mail. You can still find Yayoi's personal blog here but it's inactive since 2005.