Formed: 2001.xx.xx
Disbanded: 2002.05.12

La'miss†fairy was an indies visual kei band, formed out of the ashes of Vice†risk. The band was immediately signed to ETERNAL (Yayoi's sub-label of Matina).
Unfortunately, just like most of his project, this was a very short lived band. Allthough it might have been one of his better, they released PV's for their songs ガラス細工の君と僕の声 and Virgin. La'miss†fairy's music was often driven forward by their bassist Shino. They were quite famous for a young matina band (most likely because of Yayoi) and could be considered one of ETERNAL/Matina's flagship-bands, they also appeared on Matina's live VHS named "ETERNAL" along with bands such as Earl Grey, Kilah, the GazettE and others.


Vocal: 弥生 (Yayoi)
Guitar: 憂架 (Yuuka)
Guitar: 零花 (Reika)
Bass: 紫乃 (Shino)
Drums: 夏澄 (Kasumi)