Formed: 2000.01.xx
Disbanded: 2001.02.15

Vice†risk was an indies visual kei band, active from early 2000 to 2001 and was formed by Yayoi.
They were signed on the successfull Matina label (run by Kisaki), and later on the sub-label ETERNAL which was run by Yayoi himself.
Vice†risk worked with various famous musicians (most likely thanks to Kisaki), for example they had guest vocalists
for their song 鳥篭~torikago~.
They enjoyed a fair amout of success, before disbanding in 2001 because of disagreements with YUKI, CHANA & Norimar.
Vocal: 弥生 (Yayoi)
Guitar: YUKI
Guitar: CHANA
Bass: 紫乃 (Shino)
Drums: Norimar