What is Sadistic-Logic?

Sadistic-Logic serves as another visual kei database that helps old and new fans alike discover new and lesser-known bands that they've probably never heard of before. It is also a place where I can showcase my collection of releases and merchandise from these featured bands, and where I can share more information about them.

What is Visual Kei?

Visual kei is a popular movement and subculture in Japanese rock music where rock musicians dress in extravagant costumes and typically have androgynous aesthetics. Beginning in the 1980s, it has spread throughout the Japanese rock scene, and today there are many unique styles of visual kei. Popular types of visual kei include kote-kei (old-school goth look popular in the 1990s), angura-kei (typically in dark suits, with darker themes), and oshare-kei (poppier, colorful bands).