Jisedai Excite (次世代エキサイト)

Jisedai Excite was a short-lived visual kei band, formed in 2010 by the session band, Chisedai Excite (遅世代エキサイト). They held their first live at HOLIDAY Shinjuku in January 2010, and released their first single, Sentimental Logic, later on April 9. However, the majority of the band - guitarist Jun, guitarist Tomozo, and bassist Mar - all departed from the band only a month later. To make matters worse, the band was forced to pause activities in September 2010 as vocalist Kirio became too ill to perform.

The band would later bounce back into activities with their new lineup (support guitarist Rutta, guitarist You, and bassist Issei) in March 2011, and they held their first live at HOLIDAY Shinjuku later in July. They would then release their next single, Sadistic na Junjou Shoujo (サディスティックな純情少女) on January 4, 2012. However, this year would also be the year of their downfall; support guitarist You would depart later in April, and the band announced their upcoming disbandment due to musical differences among members.

Jisedai Excite would later release their last maxi-single, Okuru Uta (贈る謳), on July 18, 2012, followed by their live-limited release, Katasumi no Requiem (片隅のレクイエム) at their last live on August 29.


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