Lin -the end of corruption world- (凛)

Lin was the latest band of infamous bassist and producer KISAKI, who had lead many bands before. The band was first formed by KISAKI and RIKU, after their previous band Phantasmagoria disbanded.

With their first lineup, the band enjoyed a decent run in the Japanese rock scene as their first single, As if Forever Exists ranked #1 in the Japanese ORICON indie music charts and #33 in the major rankings.

However, starting at the beginning of 2013, Lin would face many difficulties as guitarist MIZUKI vanished, and later officially departed from the band, and guitarist KANATA was briefly hospitalized for acute pneumonia. In May, the band graduated from KISAKI's label, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, as the label ceased operations. Only a month later, Lin itself would indefinitely pause activities on June 30, 2013. They would later hold a one-day revival under the name "the end of corruption world" and released their last single, Slander Crime.

In 2014, KISAKI shocked fans when he announced that not only would he revive Lin, but that it will also have a new lineup. In March, the lineup was revealed to be mostly ex-Megaromania members: vocalist Sui, guitarist Misery, drummer Yushi, and also guitarist CERO. They released their first single, Sacred Xanadu, later on April 21, 2014. Unfortunately, this lineup was not as strong as the original, and they went on hiatus in November 2015; only a week later, they announced their disbandment.

In 2016, Lin held a four-day disbandment event, entitled "the end of corruption world", which ran from March 8-10 at Shinjuku RENY and later on March 20 at Nanba HATCH, and included several popular visual kei bands. The band would then disband on the last day on March 20, and since then, no new activities from either of the members have been announced. Sui has since retired, as he first announced when he joined the band, but the rest of the members have remained dormant, activity-wise, at this time. Kisaki however, would later be entangled in a Twitter scandal where he had shared personal information about certain band members, and it was pretty bad to the point where he threatened to retire; thankfully (?), he announced that he would return to band activities as he will perform in his own session band on December 16.


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