Megaromania was a visual kei band, first formed in 2008 by vocalist Sui and guitarist Misery before leaving their previous band Metis Gretel. They were signed to the famous visual kei label, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, owned by KISAKI.

In March 2010, drummer Leda departed from the band, which lead to Megaromania's brief hiatus that year, as they released their compilation album, Oblivious. Only a few months later, they jumped back into activities, first being supported by drummer Majyu (ex-E'm~grief~, now in Devil Kitty and SHAPE SHIFTER), and then drummer Yushi. Yushi would join the band later on in 2011.

The band eventually disbanded on July 31, 2013, as UNDER CODE PRODUCTION ceased operations the same year. Sui, Misery, and Yushi would eventually move on to Lin, but ultimately, that union would only last barely two years.